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Taking a marketing project from idea to execution is a LOT of work. To be successful, major marketing projects like product launches, lead generation campaigns and live events require a tremendous amount of thought, planning and organization.

…but MOST of all, they require skilled people working in sync with each other.

For a marketing campaign to get done right and on time – graphic designers, web designers, programmers, copywriters, video editors and other team members must be centrally managed.

Stop Being The Monkey In The Middle. You Have a Business To Run.

If you’re a business owner, yet you’re still the one dealing with outsourcers, freelancers, designers and programmers, you’re WASTING TIME. You should be working on “big picture stuff” – not emailing back and forth with a graphic designer about their choice of fonts on your latest marketing piece.

  • Every minute you spend “majoring in the minors” delays the overall success of your company.

The sooner you pass on management of these nagging projects to a professional direct marketing company like One Stop Direct Marketing, the sooner you’ll achieve the financial and time freedom you crave. Contact us today and before long you’ll be amazed at how much more “important stuff” you’ll be getting done.

Is Your In-House Project Manager Wearing Too Many Hats?

Perhaps you already have an in-house project manager who normally deals with all your various vendors. If that’s the case, we’re able to come alongside and work with them to get your all-important marketing projects done FASTER. We find that in-house project managers are often overwhelmed with multiple projects and welcome our help. They see working with us as an opportunity to get projects done faster and more efficiently, sometimes for less money than they would have spent with other vendors.

Plus, if we work with you from the beginning to create a marketing strategy, it makes much more sense to have us manage the project, as we are more in-tuned with the moving parts required to finish the job.

What We Do:

We do just about everything related to getting your marketing campaigns from the idea stages to “Done”, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Marketing Automation (InfusionSoft, Office Auto Pilot, Aweber, etc)
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Direct Mail
  • Video Production
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media
  • Media Buying

Getting Started

1) Let’s Talk: Every project begins with a simple conversation. We simply need to know what you’re trying to accomplish, and how far along you are. Click here to get the conversation started.

If You DON’T Know What You Need: If all you know is “we need more sales”, that’s OK! We can help you come up with a marketing strategy based on your goals and objectives. Depending where you are in your learning curve, we may or may not require consulting fees for the marketing strategy session. You’ll find that we’re pretty generous with sharing our knowledge & experience if you are an existing client, or if you are a legitimate potential client.

(But please don’t expect us to spend hours building a marketing strategy for your business as a “bid” on your project…or expect us to give away proven marketing ideas to build your business for free. We won’t).

If You DO Know What You Need: you may already have a good idea of what your marketing strategy is, and you just need a team who can make it a reality. You may have an in-house marketing department and you already know you need, for instance, 3 direct mail pieces, 6 emails, a landing page and a follow-up sequence. Great! In that case, our main focus with the conversation will be to determine how much time and resources will need to go into your project so we can give you an accurate price quote.

2) We’ll Develop a Lead Flow Chart: After we discuss your project, we will go to work to develop a lead flow chart. The chart will visually demonstrate the paths a lead/prospect/client can take going through your sales process, and forces you to think about different possible scenarios. Click here to see examples of lead flow charts.

For instance, if your project is webinar, the Lead Flow Chart would demonstrate the various paths a lead can take:

1) Opening a blast Email
2) Clicking the Link
3) Registering
4) Attending The Webinar
5) Responding To The Call-To-Action
6) Sales / Inquiry Follow-Up

…and what happens when a lead does NOT take one of these actions. For example, if a lead registers for a webinar, but doesn’t attend…what should happen? Or if a lead clicks through to the landing page, but doesn’t register, what should happen?

This is truly where “marketing” begins. Thinking through each of these scenarios, and then developing automated marketing sequences to trigger when a prospect takes each of these actions can mean the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

The lead flow chart will be accompanied by a video that explains how the lead flow works. You can review the video and the diagram, get back with us with any changes/additions, and then we move on to step 3…

3) We Give You Scope of the Project and a Price Quote Pricing for marketing project management varies widely. There really is no such thing as an “average” project. Once we’ve agreed upon the scope of the project and the price, we’ll send an invoice for a 50% deposit. Once the deposit is received, we’ll get started.

The Sooner We Start, The Sooner Your Project Gets DONE.

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