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Google Places was originally conceived as a simple way for business owners to claim their G+ Local page and quickly get themselves established with a listing in Google Maps. The way Google made it sound, it was a simple matter of adding your business information to their database and verifying the information with a pin number. Then you could just kick back and watch your listing drive the business to you.

That was the theory, anyway. The practical reality is that Google Places and Maps listings are powered by a complicated and opaque algorithm that uses over 200 factors to determine how high your business ranks. Among other finicky little details, simply having a duplicate or merged listing can sink you in the rankings. Sometimes, even if you do everything right, bugs in the system will ruin your effort anyway.

At One Stop Direct Marketing, we operate with a laser focus on issues related to Google Places. Our team of experts includes a Google and Your Business Top Contributor, and all this team does is fix and optimize listings for our clients. If you've been struggling with a seemingly ineffective G+ Local page, we can fix it for you.

Our consulting services are available to qualified applicants and include the following:

  • Initial contact to get detailed information about your business
  • One hour of research to determine what the problems are with your listing
  • Presentation of these findings in a consultation, along with suggestions for remedies to them
  • An onsite SEO report
  • A full analysis report of G+ Local competitors that outlines why they are ranking on the first page



Did You Know?

The vast majority of people will only ever visit the websites on the first page of a search engine's results. A study conducted at Cornell University found that 98% of participants never went beyond the first page of results, and 80% only went to one of the first three results.

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Why Choose Us For Your Local SEO Needs?

Deep Initial Local SEO Audit

A deep local SEO audit uncovers all the reasons why your Google Plus listing isn't ranking highly. It also discovers duplicate listings that can be dragging your search ranking down, as well as taking a look to see if your business is properly listed in Google My Business. This creates the solid foundation that your SEO campaign needs to perform well.

Top Quality Service From A Professional Team

Our professionals specialize in getting local listings to rank at the top of search results. They have years of experience and have been trained by leading SEO industry experts.

What can you expect if you choose to work with us?

  • Monthly meetings with an SEO Specialist - An SEO Specialist will be assigned to your account. This specialist stays in touch with you to keep you updated on the progress of your listings and to allow you to provide us with feedback at any time.
  • Optimized content - All of our content is 100% original and created by our in-house content writer, who will work closely with you to optimize it and ensure that it is fresh and interesting for viewers.
  • Up to date data - We ensure that your business data is continually up to date and accurate on all of the major data aggregators during all phases of the project.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity - Our social media strategies ensure that you not only turn search engine traffic into customers, but that you establish lasting relationships with them.
  • Free Consultation!   - Your initial consultation is absolutely free -- get in touch with us today!

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Understanding SEO

What's The Difference Between The Google Services? (Places -- My Business -- Plus -- Maps)

These services are all effectively the same thing. The only small difference is that Google labels the local listings that appear as pins with letters in search results (A, B, C, etc.) as "My Business." The actual pages for these businesses are referred to as the Google Plus business pages. Google Maps is the technology that provides the framework for everything.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique for formatting content and the overall structure of Web pages to enable search engines to find them more easily and understand what they are about. This results in higher search rankings. SEO tunes up pages so that they rank better on the major engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Given that most viewers never make it past the first page of search results, proper SEO is vital to any business that has a presence online.

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