The Follow-Up Marketing System That Never Fails

Did You Know 90% of Salespeople GIVE UP Before 80% of Sales Are Made??

This is NOT a Sales Problem. It’s a MARKETING Problem.

 One that's Costing You a FORTUNE.

...and It’s a Problem You Can Solve TODAY.

According to Dartnell and McGraw Hill:

  • 80% of all sales are made after 5 or more contacts
  • 48% of all salespeople give up after the 1st contact
  • 25% give up after the 2nd contact
  • 17% give up after the 3rd and 4th contact

Face it. Salespeople don’t follow-up. And the truth is, they’re not going to.

Get a Follow-Up System For Your Business

Sure, you can preach to ‘em how Joe Girard, the man listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Greatest Car Salesman in the World sent 13,000 greeting cards to customers every month…and they still won’t do it. Why? Because they’re lazy? NO (although that’s what old-school sales managers will tell them.)

Salespeople don’t follow-up because it’s human nature to ALWAYS go for the low-hanging fruit . . . to go for the prospect who is MOST likely to BUY NOW. Here’s a Newsflash – that’s what salespeople SHOULD be doing.

Salespeople Should Spend Their Time SELLING.
NOT Cold-Calling.
NOT Following Up.


Think about it. Did you hire your latest salesperson because you thought they would be “great at taking rejection?” Of course not. But when your salespeople are generating their own leads through old-fashioned cold-calling, they spend 95% of their time hearing “NO”…and maybe 5% of their time generating actual prospects.

But then you expect them to follow-up on those prospects. According to the stats above, when a salesperson gets an interested lead, they should follow-up at least 5 times to get the sale. In other words, they should be expected to endure the prospect telling them “we’re still interested, but we’re not quite ready” at least 5 times before the actual sale occurs. With all that cold-calling and following-up, what percentage of their time do they spend actually SELLING??? Two to three percent? It’s a wonder anyone sells anything!

If this describes your sales process, the reason your salespeople don’t follow-up is because they’re on the lookout for ANYONE who is ready to buy NOW. Rather than call and get rejected and postponed by those “worn out leads”, they’ll simply continue to cold call until they get lucky and find someone who is ready to buy now (or until they can find a job somewhere else).

It’s human nature. You can fight it and continue to lose sales, or you can come of out the dark ages to the new model of selling…

Get a Follow-Up System For Your Business

What If Your Salespeople Spent 100% of Their Time
Talking To Prospects Who Are READY TO BUY NOW?

Sound impossible? It was 10 years ago. Not now. Technology has made it possible for your salespeople to know when a prospect is sending the strongest buying signals so they can spend the majority of their time focusing on the HOTTEST PROSPECTS.

By “buying signals” I’m not talking about some sort of human pheromone that’s picked up by a sensor when a hot prospect is ready to say yes (to my knowledge that hasn’t been invented yet, although I admit that would be pretty cool ;)

What I AM talking about is technology that tracks your prospect’s response to your follow-up marketing, and notifies your salespeople when the prospect shows buying signals. It’s called Marketing Automation. And your business needs it. Right Now. TODAY. Here’s why…

According to ClickZ, 25% of Fortune 500 B-to-B companies have implemented a marketing automation platform. SiriusDecisions says that number will rise to 50% by 2015.

If your company is stuck in the stone ages – demanding that your salespeople do old-fashioned cold-calling and their own follow-up – you can expect to be TROUNCED by your smart competitors who are using marketing automation. Yes, it’s that powerful. So…if you would rather be the one who does the TROUNCING…

Here’s How Marketing Automation Has Forever Changed

How Today’s Best-Performing Sales Organizations Generate Leads & Follow-Up:

Marketing Automation allows you to track the activities of prospects in response to your marketing, and pre-program a series of additional marketing activities, based on what the prospect does.

Here are a few simple examples of how Marketing Automation can work:

Prospect Takes This Action:

Prospect visits a specific page on your website in response to a direct mail offer.

Triggers This Automated Response:

  • Sends the prospect a follow-up series of postcards, one per week for a month.
  • Creates a Task for a salesperson to call.

Prospect registers and attends a sales webinar

  • Sends the prospect a series of follow-up emails.
  • Sends the prospect an in-depth direct mail sales package.
  • Creates a Task for a salesperson to call

Prospect clicks-through on emails a certain number of times regarding a particular product/service

  • Sends the prospect a separate series of emails with a special limited time offer for that particular product.
  • Sends the prospect a series of postcards with the same limited time offer.
  • Creates a task for the salesperson to call

I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. And keep in mind these are very simple examples. Some companies are using Marketing Automation to execute much more complex marketing sequences than this. Click here to see what’s possible.

But being complex isn’t necessarily “good”. The only thing that matters is…”does it work?” The answer is a resounding YES! In fact…

"Marketing automation users have a 53% higher conversion rate from marketing response to marketing-qualified leads than non-users.”

Imagine what will happen when all of your leads get proper follow-up. Think about how many more sales you’ll close. Imagine how many more enthusiastic referrals you’ll get. How many lost customers will start buying again. All the new opportunities you’ll have to cross-sell additional products and services.

Get a Follow-Up System For Your Business

We Will Plan, Create, Implement and Manage
ALL of Your Marketing Automation Follow-Up Campaigns

We’ve been implementing marketing follow-up systems for all types of businesses for over 8 years. From simple email autoresponder campaigns to highly complex multi-step sales funnels that include direct mail, texting (SMS), live appointment setting, voice broadcast and more – we’ve done it all. Whatever your industry – put us to work for you and you will close more sales, get more repeat customers and sell more to your existing customers.

It doesn’t matter what software you’re using. We can work with:

  • InfusionSoft
  • Ontraport (Office Auto Pilot)
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Pardot
  • Act-On
  • eMarketeer
  • MailChimp
  • Zoho CRM
  • …and more.

If you don’t have a marketing automation software solution, we personally recommend Ontraport (Office Auto Pilot).  (Yep, we’re Office Autopilot Affiliates. So if you click on this link and buy Office Auto Pilot, we’ll get rich instantly. We may even buy a private island and leave the country. Careful.  ;)

Get a Follow-Up System For Your Business