How long was Darlene copywriting apprentice to Bill Glazer? What projects did she work on? +

I was Bill’s apprentice for about a year. During that time I wrote sales letters for Champions of the Info Summit, Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs, X-Rated Sales Strategies, The Ultimate No B.S. Marketing & Wealth Creation Training Conference with Dan Kennedy & Zig Ziglar, Mind of a Millionaire CD Set, and all of The Phenomenon Practitioner’s guides. I also worked on various GKIC coaching letters and Gage Menswear promotions for Bill.

Who else have you written for? +

We’ve written sales letters and full-blown multi-step, multi-media campaigns for B2B Information Marketers such as Michael Jans, Ed O’Keefe, Rory Fatt, Brian Tracy, Ron Caruthers, Karen Schaefer, Dr. Tom Orent, Mike Miget, Jack McDonough, Rob Minton, Lloyd Irvin, Tim Winders, Scott Tucker and more.

What different types of marketing pieces have you created? +

Online and offline sales letters, upsells, squeeze pages, tear sheets, faxes, print & radio ads, video scripts, banner ads, order forms, newsletters, creative lumpy mail, press releases, email campaigns, sales scripts, telemarketing scripts, advertorials, postcards, complete online & offline marketing sequences, adwords campaigns, personality-packed OUTRAGEOUS copy, PURL campaigns, magalogs, webinar scripts, “Shock and Awe” packages, FSI’s, and trade journal ads. If it uses words and it sells, we’ve written it.

What types of information products have you written copy/marketing sequences for? +

Membership sites, group coaching, masterminds, one-on-one consulting/mentoring, ebooks, free & paid seminars/workshops/bootcamps, Discovery Days, area-exclusive programs, newsletters, ebooks, DVD sets, CD sets, teleseminars, webinars, home study courses, transcripts, tele-coaching, done-for-them products & services, special reports. If it contains valuable information, we’ve sold it.

How much do you charge? +

Every project is different. Most clients want entire sequences, which could include a 20 page sales letter, 5 emails, 4 postcards, a 12 page sales letter, a video script, squeeze page, order form, etc., etc., etc. There are so many variables to consider when quoting a job like this it’s impossible to give an “average” price. It’s safe to say we’re not the cheapest, but what you gain back in time, peace of mind and RESULTS is worth every penny. The best thing to do is request a quote.

How many revisions of the copy do I get before I’m charged extra? +

We are rarely asked to revise copy more than once or twice. When you receive your first draft, if you don’t feel it’s hitting the hot buttons of the market, all we ask is that you communicate CLEARLY what needs to be changed. We’ll give it our very best to hit the nail on the head to your liking.

What are your payment policies? +

If you’re a new client, we require 100% payment up-front (no exceptions) before your job is considered “booked” on our calendar. After you become a regular client, we may begin ‘routine’ small jobs for you without a deposit. However, even with long-time clients, for jobs over $3000 we will ask for a 50% deposit up front. Checks are preferred. Credit cards and Paypal are accepted for a 3% service charge. We do not under ANY circumstances extend payment terms (like Net 15 or Net 30) even if this is what your “accounting department is used to“.

What do you need from me to get started on a project? +

We ask all new clients to complete a copy questionnaire. This is a HUGE help to us – and to you – to make sure we understand the REAL benefits your product or service offers, as well as the true hot buttons of your market. Once we’ve developed a working relationship and begin to understand your market better, we may be able to start on new projects without the questionnaire, perhaps after a short phone interview or exchanging a few emails. We encourage our clients to send us EVERYTHING they have – past sales letters, webinars, powerpoints, competitive research – anything that pertains to the project. It all helps.

Do you do anything other than copywriting, like websites or graphic design? +

Yes, we do both web design and graphic art – to a certain degree. For instance, regarding graphic art for print jobs, it will be given to you in ready-to-print format, complete with photos and color graphics. You’re welcome to have a graphic artist spruce it up, but we ask that you please consult with us prior to making major design changes, which can affect response. We also design full websites, usually as part of larger marketing projects.

Do you have a minimum? +

$2000 for first-time customers. After you’ve become a client, if you have a smaller job you need done quickly, we’ll do it. But please don’t come to us every 6 months with a $500 job. We won’t take it.

How long will it take to get my copy? +

It all depends on the “heavy lifting” required to sell your product. It takes a heckuva lot longer to write a 30 page sales letter selling a $10,000 seminar than a ¼ page ad selling a free report. From the time we start on any lengthy project, it usually takes from one to two weeks to get you the first draft. We’ll let you know when we’re starting on your project so you can have an idea of when to expect see a draft.