Top Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Email is a volatile marketing medium. It’s constantly changing. The sheer volume of emails that clog up the average inbox is grows by the day. I’ve seen it estimated that there are about 2 million emails sent every second around the world.


Think about it:

How many emails do you get on a daily basis? 

How many of them do you actually read?

How many emails do you save and you say to yourself “I’ll get to that later….” and you never get to them?


Your end-consumer is no different. Everyone gets tons of emails that they just don’t read. And the problem is getting worse by the day.

Plus, the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 – while thankfully making it more difficult for spammers to deluge inboxes with uninvited Viagra and porn site ads – simultaneously made it more difficult for legitimate commercial email to go through.

So what’s a marketer to do…give up? Heavens no! Email is STILL a powerful way to market products and services – but you need to be aware of the pitfalls of email marketing:

Making Sure Your Email Gets Delivered

There’s no use talking about the “finer points” of email copywriting without first discussing the most important thing – actually getting the email delivered. To do so would be like teaching a child how to write a letter to Grandma, yet not telling them that they needed to put a stamp on the letter. The darn thing won’t get delivered!

Internet service providers (ISP’s) and other companies who offer email (like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, MSN, etc) will filter email as a service for their customers. Many of these messages may end up in the junk mail folder, where it’s as good as dead.

The other problem is with the email program itself. Programs like Outlook have presets that are set to automatically block out “spammy” words, like the following:

“Spammy” Words


Use these words in your subject line and your body copy and you’re just asking for your emails to get sent to the junk folder, never to be seen by human eyes!

PLUS – you should also avoid overusing exclamation points, lots of punctuation and symbols like $$, %, and ALL CAPS. Also, if you’re going to send .html emails, avoid using fonts larger than 2 point.