Generate More Sales With Attention Grabbing Headlines

The headline is BY FAR the single most important piece to your copy!

It’s the readers first impression, what they read first…before ANYTHING else.

If you don’t grab their attention with the headline they will never read the rest of your copy.

David Ogilvy (author of Confessions of an Advertising Man and Ogilvy on Advertising) says  “On the average, five times as  many people read the headlines as read the body copy”. He also goes on to say that “unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money”.

Bill Glazer of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle says that the headline is “arguably the most important part of the copy…as high as 80% of the battle.”

John Caples, successful Direct Response pioneer, says this about attention grabbing headlines, “If you have a good headline, you have a good ad. Any competent writer can write the copy. If you have a poor headline, you are licked before you start. Your copy will not be read…Spend hours writing headlines – or days if necessary.”

These guys aren’t kidding around here. Bill Glazer told me I should write at least 50-100 headlines for each and every letter. I thought he was nuts! Then I started to realize just how one little word can be changed to double, triple, even quadruple response. Now, this goes hand-in-hand with testing, which I could write a whole other book on but take some advice from these copywriting masters…

Take the time to GET YOUR HEADLINES RIGHT! It’s money in the bank and time VERY well spent.

Getting Started

You need to answer a few questions that are swirling around in your prospects mind:
Who Cares?
So What?
What’s in it for me?
Why are you bothering me?

Also, keep in mind that there are basically two needs that need to be met for your reader: 1) the need for pleasure or 2) the need to alleviate pain.

Pleasure meaning: accomplishment, gain financially or physically, saving time or money, to gain an advantage…all from your product or service.

Here are some headline examples meeting the need for pleasure:

  • How You Can Write a Hit Song and Sell It
  • How To Win Friends and Influence People
  • This Is Absolutely The Easiest Way For You To Have A Future Free Of All Money Worries
  • The Secret To Having Good Luck
  • Think and Grow Rich

Now the another approach is to craft headlines that show the reader how to reduce or alleviate pain.

Pain, meaning:  eliminating undesirable things in their life, physical discomfort, embarrassment, illness or even mental discomfort, poverty or boredom.

Here are some headline examples that play on the need to eliminate pain:

  • If You Can Lick A Stamp You Can Lick Your Weight Problem
  • Have You Ever Said “I Just Can’t Seem To Concentrate”?
  • Which Of These 5 Skin Troubles Would You Like To End?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes In English?
  • Get Rid of You Money Worries For Good
  • Lose Ugly Fat– An Average of 7 Pounds a Month

Now, Pain and Pleasure aren’t the only categories. You can also have headlines  that:

Create curiosity

  • What Makes A Woman Lovable?
  • Here’s How To Live A long and Happy Life
  • How Can You Eat More and Weigh Less

Make a big promise or multiple promises

  • If You Can Pick Up A Telephone, We’ll Show You How To Make $1000, $2000 or even $5000 in the next 30 days!
  • How To Make $2,500—$8,000 In The Next 21 Days… And Then Do It All Over Again
  • “How To Get Proven Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Business in 119 Days (Or Less) Now! For Only 5 Payments of $159.”


  • Guaranteed to go through Ice, Mud, or Snow—Or We Pay The Tow!
  • How To Skyrocket Your Mortgage Business To The Million Dollar Level – Driving Your Competition Crazy… GUARANTEED!

Tell a story

  • The Happiest Millionaire Around Tells Others His Secrets
  • How I Made A Fortune With A “Fool” Idea
  • I Was Held Hostage For 4 Days By The Sharpest Minds In Direct Mail

Use specifics or talk about a person or  event (good for seasonal theme)

  • “San Diego Realtor Unlocks Prospecting Secret, Boosts Monthly Commissions $20,764.00”
  • “Barry, Here’s the Information You Requested Showing How ANY Agent Can Make $4000.00 a DAY Practicing Real Estate…”
  • “Discover How To Master The Shockingly Scary Skill That Pours Money Into Your Bank Account Day and Night…Almost Like Magic! “ (Halloween Theme from Yanik Silver)

Talk about a grabber that was included

  • Here is a 4th of July gift for you—American Flag Enclosed
  • My Name Is ____________ and You Are Probably Wondering Why I Am Sending You an X-Ray of Myself Smiling Like A Cheshire Cat?
  • Why is Smith Realty Sending You This Crisp, New MILLION Dollar Bill?

Make An Announcement

  • $4 Million Dollar Scientific Research Project Unlocks the Secret to Younger Skin: How You Can Look 10 Years Younger In Days
  • Great New Discovery Kills Kitchen Odors Quick!